Good Ol’ Tradition…?

OK…this blog might offend a few people…apologies in advance.

Being of African decent, I have come to realise that Africans and the “eastern” countries in general have a lot more “traditions” than are obvious in the west.

I don’t know much about my Hausa/Somali side but I know quite a bit about my Yoruba side and two (out of MANY)of the Yoruba traditions that have always baffled me are to do with newborns.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Yoruba’s and a lot of Nigerians don’t name their children, or publicise their names until after 7 days. They also don’t take their children out of the house till after 50 days (or is it 40?) Personally, I don’t get it and whenever I’ve ask why, I always get “it’s tradition”. I don’t think anyone really knows :s

Anyway, I’m studying 1 Samuel and found it extremely funny when this topic came up in chapter 1:25-27.

Hannah had just given birth to Samuel as promised by Eli’s prophecy, and it was time to take him to church. Her husband comes to round up the family to go to church and Hannah said “No. I have a covenant with God that the first time I take him to church, I’ll leave him there, so let me wait till he’s weaned.” Elkanah then responds (paraphrase) “hmph! OK oh! But if you’re gonna say this, make sure you keep your covenant with God!!”
IN MY OPINION: Possibly this might be where the tradition came from. I’m under the impression that traditions start by one person doing an act that receives a good result, and as everyone follows, the reason and real meaning is lost and it just becomes “tradition”.

So what’s my point? God weighs our motives. Hannah had a legitimate reason for what she did. She made a covenant and kept to it. Whereas CERTAIN traditions may not be wrong or evil, there may also be no benefit to them.

In all you do, just make sure you’re pleasing God and NOT man. God weighs our motives (Pro 21:2) AND our actions (1 Sam 2:3)!!

We are no longer under the law, but grace (Romans) and no superstition can protect you or guarantee your salvation…only Jesus can…

Please take this in the right spirit…if you have any questions, comment and I’ll respond or email me ( )

Love You All!

One thought on “Good Ol’ Tradition…?

  1. Olubowale says:

    Interesting post! My personal thoughts would be that, there is much we do not know about our own true history. We have a people called the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa for example. With full in depth dialect, spirituality and society orginisation etc. None of which was ever written down on paper conventionally (to my knowledge). My point is that the way indigenous people do things is vastly different from those that now largely populate the west, and therefore it takes a different mindset to approach, digest and understand the actions of these indigenous people’s, (like the Ainu of the Japanese) largely ostracised by main stream society?

    I am of the mindset that only once things are fully explored can one develop understanding, enlightenment and hopefully love for those that do good and evil. What you seek you shall find, if you stop looking then your answer will lie at your feet. The people you have spoken to, (I assume) did not know the answer because the western mindset is the most promoted throughout the world today and therefore it is our duty to understand and uphold our own traditions. After all our ancestors didn’t just sit around twiddling their thumbs, (I know I don’t need to tell you that).

    Overall we will find that our history and traditions is accessible through the elders that know and care to understand in an unbiased format. I totally agree that one’s actions and motive’s should be in line with Gods and that we should never just follow, follow…BLESSINGS!

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