Ask Me About Jesus – May 6th Evangelism Event (London & Manchester)

I’ve posted this on my facebook, but thought I’d post it here too. I’m hosting an evangelism event on May 6th in London and Manchester and I’d love if you all could come!

Hey guys,

I’ve been asked about the video that shows us singing at the last event and the questions have been along the lines of “how is that evangelism?” so I thought I’d shed a bit of light on the day.

By no way, stretch, or form do i think singing is evangelism. It isn’t. It IS however a door and heart opener. We can all testify to the fact that if people stopped you whilst shopping to talk to you, not matter what they are selling, you’ll walk away.

What the singing does is makes people stop on their own accord. When they stop, we go over to them (whilst some carry on singing) and share the true undiluted gospel with them as in the death, burial, resurrection; you need to repent and believe in the gospel.

We have found that this approach works as it enables us to have sometimes 15 minutes sharing the gospel with people where before they would not have given us 10 seconds.

At the last event, people got saved, and we were even able to pray for people for healing, comfort, and peace etc and we also were able to follow people up in the faith.

I’d like to apologise for a misleading promo video, I just didn’t have any clips of us talking to people as I was talking to people on the day also.

Please come ready to share the gospel! Don’t get caught up with the singing…

Manchester 12pm – The Arndale Centre (outside tkmaxx)
London 12pm – New life Bible Church

Fatmohn 🙂

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